How to Select the Right Custom Frame

You decided to go with custom picture framing, but you do not know which custom frames to choose. What now? Here are the two major decisions you need to make to find the right frames for your wall d├ęcor.


The mat is the paper-based material that sits inside the frame to formalize and accent your picture. Mats come in many different colors, sizes and materials. Artware in San Diego tells customers that though white mats are standard and work well with any piece, choose a color that complements the colors in the picture or makes certain aspects of the picture stand out. Also, consider the texture of the mat and evaluate how it changes the overall effect of the picture.


Once you have the mat picked out, choose a collection of custom picture frames based on their color, materials and style. Evaluate how each frame works with the tone of your picture and the mat you already selected. If you fall in love with a frame, it is okay to change the mat to better match the overall look of the piece.

Let the Pros Help

Custom picture framing professionals are experts at helping you find the right look and fit for your artwork and photographs. Show them your pieces, ideas and budget, and they will help you choose the perfect frames.

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