What Do Home Restoration Crews Do for Water Damage?

Water Damage
A Water Damaged home. Picture from elitewaterdamage.com

If your home caught on fire, and the firefighters have had a chance to put the fire out, you will be left with a wet, muddy and very dangerous mess. The good news is there are home restoration companies that specialize in after-fire cleanup. Instead of embarking on the dangerous job of cleaning it up yourself, the company will have crews take care of fire and water restoration for you. According to Integrity Restoration of San Diego, The following are some things they can do for water damage:

  1. Extract Standing Water – There may be some areas of freestanding water. It will be extracted with equipment that can get it out of carpet padding and upholstery.
  2. Remove Carpet – Depending on the severity of the fire and the damage, these crews will remove the carpet to properly dry the floorboards.
  3. Humidify the Home – The humidity level in your home will be all over the place after a fire has been put out. Crews will bring in equipment to get it back to normal, and will also find pockets of water that may be hidden in the home.

By ensuring the professionals handle your water and fire restoration, the job will get done right. If you are trying to clean up after a fire, contact a home restoration company to take care of the water damage in your home.

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