Keep Smiling During a Home Remodel

A Newly Remodeled Home
A Newly Remodeled Home. Source:

A home remodel can be a stressful time. Take proactive steps to make sure it doesn’t affect your marriage or relationship.

Ensure You Can Afford the Remodel

Take the time to save up, and add 15 percent extra for good measure. If you don’t use all of the money, treat you and your spouse to a vacation.

Communicate Early and Often

Integrity Restoration says that it is best to discuss your desires and expectations. Have fun with tools such as Google SketchUp to visualize your ideas. Talk with home remodeling and design firms to solidify your goals and budget, and to stave off potential problems.

Let Someone Else Do the Remodeling

Unless you are deeply experienced in home improvement, you are better off handing over the remodel. That means less noise, less dirt and dust, and fewer issues to fight with your loved ones over.  There will be no chance of you accidentally cutting the power or starting a fire.

Set Aside Places of Retreat

Designate one space or area of your home that is not getting remodeled. Use it when you need to pamper yourself or escape.

Chances are high that you’ll love the look of your home remodel, but you need to smile while the work is being done. The steps above will help you breathe and perhaps even enjoy the remodel process.

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